The DCM/DFA Reporting and Trafficking API v2.6 is deprecated and will be sunset on May 31st, 2017. All users must migrate to a newer API version by that date.

Deprecation Schedule

There will generally be three supported versions of the DCM/DFA Reporting and Trafficking API at any given time. When a new version is released, a sunset date is announced for the previous version. A version is considered deprecated once a sunset date has been announced for it.

The deprecation period for most versions will be approximately 7 months. While deprecated versions remain available until the scheduled sunset date, users are encouraged to use the deprecation period to migrate to a newer version. After the sunset date, deprecated versions will no longer be available.

A schedule of the currently announced deprecation and sunset dates is provided below:

API Version Deprecation Date Sunset Date
v2.7 May 4th, 2017 Nov 30th, 2017
v2.6 Nov 8th, 2016 May 31st, 2017

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