Client libraries

You have the choice between multiple different client libraries. See also Client libraries explained for more details.

Cloud Client Libraries

We recommend using a client library, because they provide improved security and language integration, and support user authorization. The CSS API client libraries use gRPC and are designed to work with our code samples in the same language.

Here are our most recent client libraries and code samples:

Client libraries Code samples
Java Java

To set up a client library, download and run one of our code samples.

Google API Client Libraries

You can also access the CSS API through the Google API Client Libraries. This lets you to connect to the REST interface directly.

Advantages over the Cloud Client Libraries

  • Supports additional languages: Java, Python, PHP, .NET, JavaScript, Objective-C, Dart, Ruby, Node.js, Go
  • Supports batching: see the client library specific documentation for details (examples: Python, Java). That said, most of the Cloud Client libraries implement language specific optimizations that make batching unnecessary (example explanation for go is in issue 675).
  • Available in the default package directories of most programming languages.

Disadvantages over the Cloud Client Libraries

  • Need to manage calls and data types yourself

Sample Code

We have Sample code for Google API clients available.

No client library

You can also connect to the CSS API without any client library, using the HTTP capabilities of your programming language directly. Refer to the REST API reference.