Maryam's Story

Android GDE Maryam Alhuthayfi shares her passion for mobile development with fledgling developers
Android GDE Maryam Alhuthayfi has loved programming since high school, when she learned programming in Visual Studio and basic website development. “We didn't get much beyond that because there weren’t many Arabic resources,” she says. “That experience got me excited to dig deeper into technology. I wanted to know how the web functions, how software is made, and more about programming languages.” Maryam studied computer science at university and majored in information systems. For her senior year graduation project, she and her team decided to build an Android application, her first experience with Android. She graduated with honors and landed a job as a web developer, but she kept thinking about getting back to being an Android developer. Read more.
-- Maryam Alhuthayfi
GDE, Android

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