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Yüksel Tolun
Kırıkkale, Turkey



My Biography

I'm a lawyer who likes talking devices. I also like talking about talking devices :) I'm a hobbyist voice app developer and an organizer of GDG Ankara. I come from web development (mostly frontend) background and have been developing Actions for Google Assistant for almost 2 years. Currently, my focus is to contribute to the Turkish voice development community. I'm also trying to learn about game design and narrative building techniques to develop more engaging voice games. Even though I had used variety of languages and frameworks over the years, I have been mostly using JavaScript since 2013. As the interest towards chatbots and conversational interfaces in the market grew, my focus also began to shift. I developed my first chatbot in January of 2017 for Facebook Messenger and I've been developing Actions for Google Assistant since June. I also give talks about building Actions for the Assistant in the GDG events all around Turkey to build and grow a Google Assistant community.