Will Huang
Taipei, Taiwan



My Biography

Will is an entrepreneur, teacher, book author, speaker, youtuber. He likes to learn things. No boundary. He is always having fun with code, write, video, eat, travel, sing, playing guitar, side-projects, and making some tools for becoming more lazier. In Taiwan, there are many people call him "Will 保哥". You can just call him "Will'. Will is a software developer with 20+ years programming experience. He is passionate about web technology and loves to share his thoughts on his Blog, YouTube channel, Twitter, and Facebook Pages. He loves Angular, a lot, and started teaching, public speaking, blogging, live broadcasting Angular related technology from 1.x to 5.x from 2013. He has more than 3000 students in Taiwan. Will is also an Microsoft acknowledged industry expert and awarded Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) for ten consecutive years from 2008. Extensive experience in .NET technology, Web development, Software architecture, Linux and Windows system integration, Kubernetes, Enterprise information systems. He is Founder/CTO at Duotify Inc. (多奇數位創意有限公司)