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Walter Lee
San Francisco, CA, United States


Google Cloud Platform (Modern Architecture)

My Biography

I am a Google Cloud enthusiastic. I first started learning GCP since ~2016! I like to share GCP tips and tricks on my LinkedIn (got ~7.5+ Millions Impressions and ~29k followers in 2022). I have written over ~500+ posts on GCP so far. I am multi-cloud certified in GCP, AWS, Azure, OCI, terraform, Calico, Istio, ArgoCD, Redhat, Akamai, Splunk, Oracle, MySQL, ...etc. I am also a Kubernetes advocate and certified in CKA/CKS and wrote ~1000+ posts on Kubernetes. I have spoken a few times at GDG SF 2019 and SF Python on different topics. I am also mentoring many in GCP and their GCP certifications journeys. I did a lot of GCP demos and talks inside my company. I like to become a Google Developer Experts in GCP and help advocate more for GCP and its services/use cases ! Besides GCP, I am also interested in web performance and chrome. I helped my organization become Number 1 in web performance ! I also contributed to OSS github repo, e.g. google/latexify_py, vault-on-google-kubernetes-engine, cilium/tetragon, GCP grafeas/kritis (~binary authorization), theupdateframework/python-tuf, tfsec, ...etc… I enjoy hiking, chess, watching sports and readings. I read ~20 technical books a year. You can learn more about me: Follow me at LinkedIn: Follow me at Twitter: