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Tirthankar Chakraborty
Richland, WA, United States


Earth Engine

My Biography

I am Tirthankar Chakraborty (commonly known as TC), a staff scientist in the Atmospheric Sciences and Global Change Division of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. I am currently working on developing and improving urban representation in land models using various observational products, including satellite-derived estimates, and examining extreme events over coastal cities. My broad research interest is in biosphere-atmosphere interactions and I have worked on this topic at multiple scales using various methods. I completed my PhD from the Yale School of the Environment in 2021 with a focus on Earth & Environmental Science. For my dissertation, I worked on developing a surface energy budget perspective to aerosol-climate interactions by combining theory and global climate modeling. A major focus was on the importance of the diffuse radiation fertilization effect for terrestrial processes and uncertainties in diffuse radiation in current-generation modeling and observational systems, some of which I tried to bias-correct using machine learning algorithms. Previously, my master's thesis was on urban climate, particularly the urban heat island effect, which I have continued working on over the years using satellite measurements, crowdsourced weather station data, and modeling frameworks. I think cities will be the nexus of climate adaptation in the future and I am very interested in optimal strategies for minimizing heat stress and its disparities in cities. Since the start of my PhD, I have been using the Google Earth Engine platform for large-scale geospatial analysis and algorithm development, and occasionally offer a workshop on its Javascript API. I have used this platform to develop web applications to visualize and disseminate global-scale geospatial datasets. I have also written community tutorials on using the platform.