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talolard Perry
Berlin, Germany


Machine Learning

My Biography

Hi I'm Tal, I'm the founder of LightTag - a platform for managing annotation projects for NLP. I came from a career in machine learning in finance where I've worked on problems such as asset pricing, portfolio optimization, and NLP. I was formerly the CTO of Superfly, which leveraged NLP to provide alternative data to the investment community. I’ve also founded and managed my own (small) algorithmic trading fund, and was on the research team at Fluent Trade Technologies, where we applied ML in an ultra low latency environment. For the past few years I've focused on extracting information from unstructured text and am amazed by how much deep learning has advanced the field. I'm very interested in ways of acquiring, generating or otherwise improvising training data to feed these powerful algorithms. I speak frequently at events, mostly on applying deep learning to NLP - a subject I also write about. I hold a B.Sc in pure mathematics from Tel Aviv University.