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Stéphane Fréchette
Gatineau, QC, Canada


Google Cloud Platform (Data Analysis)

My Biography

Stéphane is a Google Cloud Architect at Pythian where he spends time creating and developing cloud architectures, migration strategies to deliver business and technical outcomes, focusing on Google Cloud Platform to deliver customer value. Responsibilities; pre-sales, post sales and execution of large scale Google Cloud Projects in the scopes of Enterprise Cloud Migrations, Infrastructure, Cloud Big Data/Analytics and Machine Learning. Stéphane is really keen to share knowledge on data architecture, design patterns, and the modern data warehouse, which is demonstrated by his previous positions and past speaking engagements. Stéphane, his an all around data guy! Former SQL Server | Data Platform MVP, he as worked and fluent with several database platforms as well as languages such as (SQL, Bash, R, Python, JavaScript…). Stéphane is quite passionate on architecting, designing and building solutions that matter. He is currently volunteering and helping with the GDG Cloud Ottawa meetup group and likes to indulge occasionally on drums, good food, and fine wine.