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Sayak Paul
Kolkata, India


Machine Learning

My Biography

I am currently working at PyImageSearch on Computer Vision and Deep Learning. My projects span across a wide variety of topics including model optimization, generative modeling, CRNN architectures, and so on. Previously at DataCamp, I developed projects (Predicting Credit Card Approvals and Analyze International Debt Statistics), and practice pools (Advanced Deep Learning with Keras (requires a login to see)). Prior to DataCamp, I worked at TCS Research and Innovation (TRDDC) on Data Privacy. There, I was a part of the cyber security research team working on TCS's critically acclaimed GDPR solution called Crystal Ball. My subject of interest broadly lies in the area of visual representation learning. I love open-source initiatives and currently, I am actively contributing to TensorFlow Hub. Off the work, I like writing technical articles, working on applied Machine Learning ideas, and giving talks at developer meetups and conferences.