Sayak Paul
Kolkata, India

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Machine Learning

My Biography

I am currently with PyImageSearch where I write code for our articles, books and courses. I am also responsible for providing Q&A support to PyImageSearch readers. Previously at DataCamp, I developed projects for DataCamp Project. My DataCamp project Predicting Credit Card Approvals is now launched and so is my DataCamp practice pool Advanced Deep Learning with Keras in Python (I created exercises for DataCamp Practice too). I also write technical tutorials for DataCamp Community on a daily basis. Prior to DataCamp, I have worked at TCS Research and Innovation (TRDDC) as a developer where the domain of work was Cyber Security (specifically Data Privacy). There, I was a part of TCS's critically acclaimed GDPR solution called Crystal Ball. Prior to that, I have worked as a Web Services Developer at TCS (Kolkata area). Two accolades I take pride in: Intel Software Innovator, Google Developers Expert (GDE) in Machine Learning. My subject of interest broadly lies in areas like machine earning interpretability, full-stack data science. I aspire for a career in data science where I should be able to interpret models and communicate the results effectively.