Ruqiya Bin Safi
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Machine Learning (Cloud NLP, Translation, and Documents)

My Biography

Ruqiya Bin Safi is a Software Engineer that is interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning as well as Data Science. Ruqiya started learning Machine Learning many years ago. She seeks to spread knowledge about Machine Learning and new technologies. Ruqiya loves to learn and teach people what she has learned to share her knowledge. She also is a hard worker. She likes adventures. So, she takes risks with complicated projects because she finds fun in technical adventures. She loves to help people. Passionate, ambitious, self motivation, self learning and hard worker. She said that her best moments when she finish a new project or help others learn. After her graduation, she joined Google Communities. She started work as a trainer in GCDC Saudi. She picked on Machine learning as her training path. Ruqyia has provided many workshops and sessions to many local communities in Saudi Arabia. Currently, she focuses on organizing Women Techmakers events and encouraging participation of women. She tries to engage more women in the Women Techmakers Program, which creates opportunities for women through events, consulting, training and workshops. In addition, she still presents many talks, workshops and bootcamps about Machine Learning, in parallel with organizing events.