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Mangirdas Kazlauskas
Kaunas, Lithuania


Dart, Flutter

My Biography

I am an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. While at university, I excelled as a student and used my skills to mentor others. In my second year there, I began working as Software Engineer and continued my professional path in various IT companies. In 2018, I have started diving deeper into cross-platform development, more specifically - Flutter. That also marks the beginning of my technical Flutter-related blog on Medium as well as participation in various GDG meetups, conferences such as DartUP or Flutter Global Summit. In 2021 I became the first Google Developer Expert in Lithuania, focusing on Flutter and Dart technologies. I enjoy learning new things, creating Flutter-related educational content and sharing it with other fellow developers in my free time. Also, I like to stay active by playing football, volleyball or learning some new tricks with rollerblades.