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Kiril Ralinovski
Berlin, Germany


Machine Learning

My Biography

I received my B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the Harz University of Applied Sciences, where I specialized in intelligent systems and image processing. Afterwards I continued to specialize in Machine Learning and completed my Master's at the TU Berlin in that field. My experience ranges from academia to startups. I worked as a research assistant at the TU Berlin, where I researched distributed machine learning algorithms. I was a cofounder of a startup that provided predictive maintenance for the wind industry and am currently working as a Senior Data Scientist. I am deeply passionate about every aspect of computing - ranging from the theory of computation to artificial intelligence, best software practices and even software patents. Due to my passion for computing, I am also working as an external lecturer at several German universities - the Free University of Berlin, University of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Economics and the Distance University Hagen. In addition, as of October 2019 I am also an Instructor at the online learning platform Cybrary - an online learning platform with 2 000 0000 users. There I teach the course "Machine Learning for Cyber Security".