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Kevin Kreuzer
Bern, Switzerland



My Biography

My name is Kevin Kreuzer. I am a passionate freelance front-end engineer based in Switzerland. I am a JavaScript enthusiast and fascinated by Angular. I always try to learn, share, and expand my knowledge. I like that technology always moves on so that there's always something new to discover. Learning alone is only half the fun. Therefore I love to spread what I have learned over blog posts or presentations. In my free time, I am often fiddling around with technology and sometimes the resulting code or library is useful to others. It is this passion that led me into a career as a Freelance Frontend Engineer were I currently provide workshops or work on client projects. In my free time, I enjoy the crazy views on the Swiss alps on my snowboard or I play football. Even though I live in Switzerland, my team is in Madrid. Since my childhood, I support Real Madrid, which you will also notice in a lot of my blog posts or tutorials.