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Jigyasa Grover
San Francisco, CA, United States


Machine Learning (TensorFlow Core)

My Biography

Jigyasa Grover is a Machine Learning Engineer at Twitter, Inc. and the co-author of the book ‘Sculpting Data for ML: The first act of Machine Learning’. She has a myriad of experiences from her brief stints at Facebook, Inc., National Research Council of Canada, and Institute of Research & Development France involving data science, mathematical modeling, and software engineering. Having graduated from the University of California, San Diego, with a Master’s degree in Computer Science with an Artificial Intelligence specialization, she is presently plying her past experiences and knowledge towards Applied Machine Learning in the online advertisements prediction and ranking domain. Red Hat ‘Women in Open Source’ Academic Award Winner and Google Summer of Code alumna, as a student, mentor, and organization administrator, Jigyasa is an ardent open-source contributor as well with involvements in a multitude of projects over the years. She has served as the Director of Women Who Code, Lead of Google Women Techmakers, and Google Developers’ Group for a handful of years to help bridge the gender gap in technology. For her work in the technical field and beyond, especially in a short span, she was nominated for the Rising Start category in the Women in IT Awards 2020. In her quest to build a powerful community of girls and boys alike, and believing in “we rise by lifting others,” she currently mentors aspiring developers and Machine Learning enthusiasts in various global programs. She also has many international conference keynotes, technical talks, panels, workshops, blogs, and podcasts to her name. Apart from her technological ventures, she enjoys exploring new places, hanging out with friends and family, and has been recently having fun with baking.