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Ismael Chaile
Barcelona, Spain



My Biography

Ismael is a Ph.D. in Distributed AI, he has a MBA, he is Electronic Engineer and member of Google SIYLI. He has more than 15 years of professional experience in technology. He used several programming languages as C, C++, Python, NodeJS, Netlogo, SQL and NoSQL databases, etc. During some years, he worked with embedded and firmware systems, doing Linux cross-compilation, and using QT framework & FreeRTOS. He has passion about new technologies and he is obsessed about its design and usefulness for humanity benefit. He has knowledge about machine learning and data science. After finishing his Ph.D., he felt in love with Google Assistant, conversational AI, conversational design and GCP. He is focused in Conversational AI field, looking for use it for humanity wellbeing. He loves the integration of AI, robotics and IOT to create useful products for people. Currently, he is the Founder & CXO at Aineth and is part-time university lecturer in Conversational AI & Multimedia Programming.