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Hiếu Hứa
Palo Alto, CA, United States



My Biography

Hieu has over 8 years' commercial software development experience. He's the former president of BKIT Mobile - a club in Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology - HCMUT - which focuses on training students about software development in general and mostly focus on mobile platforms. He was the lead engineer at MySQUAR, responsible for general system architecture, building everything from ground up, CI development, and the development process. Under his guidance, MySQUAR has released 9 different products, acquired over 3 millions users and got a successful IPO on AIM in June 2015. He's also the author of Emojicon - a popular open source for rendering emoji on Android - which has over 2k stars on GitHub. Outside of work, you can find Hieu as a rocker in his Indie-Rock band, GEN