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Fuat Beşer
İstanbul, Turkey


Machine Learning

My Biography

I have graduated from Yildiz Technical University in Electronics Engineering. During master's degree program, I took Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Computational Intelligence, Computational bioinformatics and Optimization courses. I have prepared my master thesis titled “Obstacle Avoidance and Path Planning for Multiple Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicles”. In a part of my master thesis, I crawled the pictures from the Ship Spotting website and obtained ship photos from the European Ship Simulator game, and I did the prototyping and detection of the ship from still images and videos. I attended more than 100 data science, machine learning and deep learning events during the evenings and on the weekends when I could find opportunities. I published 4 academic papers during my master's degree. Two of them were related to unmanned autonomous vehicles and the other two were about deep learning. I've coordinated translation of 5-course Deep Learning Specialization into Turkish language as a Coursera approved Turkish Language Coordinator. I also started Turkish AI Terms Projects in Turkey. In this project, a dictionary based on the book “Machine Learning“ by Prof. Ethem Alpaydin, one of the academicians at Bogazici University, is being written in order to form the equivalent terms of foreign words about AI in Turkish. I was general manager and AI mentor at online AI mentorship program in Turkey to help those who want to get into Deep Learning. More than 10,000 people applied to that program. They are following Prof.Andrew Ng’s well-known course in Coursera. I created an introductory course about Python, called Python Notes on Github. I founded Turkey's leading AI community: Deep Learning Turkey. We organized different events in collaboration with Google, Amazon and We have more than 100k followers on social media channels. I'm working for Switzerland based AI Business School ( remotely.