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Diego De Granda
México City, Mexico


Web Technologies (Runtime performance, CSS & DevTools)

My Biography

I am a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Design Sprint Master certified with experience in web development, communities, innovation and entrepreneurship. I am the founder and co-organizer of the Google Developer Group Polymer Mexico, the first and most active developer community of Polymer and Web Components in Latin America, Co-founder of TechTam, a platform that generates free and spanish content for the development community of LatAm, Founder of Movagain, project that works to create sustainable transportation options for people in wheelchairs, and Founder of Adapta2, a platform that aims to map and rank all accessible places in Mexico for people with disabilities. Within the things I've done, I worked as a CTO in an incubator called Demos where my job was to help social impact projects generate an MVP throughout the program. And I was also CTA and Head of Coaches in an accelerator called Labora where we mainly focused on startups that generate impact and solutions to social problems consuming open data, among other things. I am currently the General Manager of Centraal Academy, the first development academy focused on generating real talent ready for the software development industry, and helping to grow the ecosystem in Mexico and Latin America. And as Community Builder in Centraal, helping to create new communities and grow existing ones in order to bring greater value to the entire community.