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David Pine
Pewaukee, WI, United States


Web Technologies (Runtime performance, CSS & DevTools)

My Biography

David Pine works in Developer Relations at Microsoft, focusing on .NET and Azure developer content. He is recognized as a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, and is Twilio Champion. David is the author of "Learning Blazor: Build Single-Page Apps with WebAssembly and C#" (O'Reilly Media). David focuses on the developer community, actively seeking opportunities to share knowledge through speaking engagements around the world. David advocates for open-source, the .NET Foundation, C#, TypeScript, SignalR, Reactive Extensions, Azure and .NET. He's a founding member and co-host of The .NET Docs Show Twitch stream, part of the .NET Live TV family of streaming shows. Follow David on Twitter at @davidpine7 🤘🏽.