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Chuka Ofili
Lagos, Nigeria


Google Cloud Platform (Modern Architecture)

My Biography

Chuka is a software architect and engineer with experience in product architecture, design, devops and full-stack development roles. He is currently a founder and engineering lead within the new product experimentation team at Facebook. He's also a Founder at Interstellar Labs, a technology company which owns the product (Affordable cross border payments using blockchain). Previously a full-stack engineer and software architect (contract) at Gigster, and co founded FieldInsight (A tech startup in Nigeria that seeks to help organizations across Africa get data to manage and monitor field workers through near real time visualizations). As a software architect & engineer, he is also proficient in technical writing and simplifying advanced engineering topics for easy comprehension. He is a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, a Google Developer Expert and currently also serves as a Mentor in the Google Launchpad Accelerator Programmes (Launchpad Start, Africa & Global). He also organises free master classes as way to contribute to the development community, maintains a personal blog for sharing on engineering/development & wherever possible speaks at conferences and events to share his knowledge.