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Alexander Nozik
Moscow, Russia



My Biography

I was born in Moscow. I've studied in several different schools, I had to decide if I want higher education in physics or software. I decided that physics is more interesting (and it is!). I've finished MIPT (INR RAS base institute) and for some time worked in Troitsk nu-mass experiment in the search for neutrino mass (see my papers in and I have a Ph.D. in particle physics. In the end, I am still doing software because physics requires a lot of software. I've been writing in Java since 2006 and in Kotlin since 2017. I've also spent some time with Groovy, Pascal, Delphi, Oberon 2, C++, Julia, not directly in that order. I am teaching physics, statistics, and programming (Kotlin) at MIPT. I am deputy head of MIPT-NPM lab and a team leader at JetBrains Research. My primary focus right now is scientific software (data acquisition, storage, analysis, and visualization).