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Alba Silvente Fuentes
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Web Technologies (Runtime performance, CSS & DevTools)

My Biography

My name is Alba, I'm originally from Spain but since March of 2020 I live in The Netherlands. I started developing more than 6 years ago as a Full-Stack developer but, after one year, I specialised in Front-End and since then I haven't stopped learning and improving my skills in this sector, the best choice I've ever made. Nowadays, I'm Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok working and creating content about the tech stack I love: Vue, Nuxt and Storyblok. In my spare time I'm recording a podcast for the Spanish Front-End community, writing articles in my own website and collaborating in open source projects. The past year, after building my own website with Nuxt and Storyblok, I have been named ambassador of these two technologies. Since then, I write articles for them, spread the word and help others to start with JamStack.