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Adrian Catalan
Guatemala, Guatemala


Android, Firebase, Internet of Things

My Biography

Adrián is an educator, tinkerer and software developer. He's been in the software engineering industry for over ten years, working as a developer (web/mobile), consultant and project manager. At Galileo University (where he leads the Innovation Lab) Adrián is trying to empower as many people as possible in LATAM to become makers. He started Engineering Kickstart – a program for high schoolers to get started in coding and basic electronics; let them connect with mentors; and make them cross the line from users to makers. Adrián is also the co-organiser of several local meetups like GDG Guatemala, and NodeBots Guatemala; has been involved in the tech community for over eight years; and spoken at several events in the US and Latin America with more than 20 talks each year about mobile, web, robots, entrepreneurship and innovation. He is the co-organiser of local conferences and events like FIT (Innovation and Technology Forum), TEDxUFM and Startup Weekend Guatemala. In 2010, he co-founded the first mobile development studio in Guatemala (Elemental Geeks), and worked with several clients including Molinos Modernos, Cervecería Centroamericana, Cementos Progreso, Banco Industrial, Tigo, Banco Agrícola Mercantil, Spectrum and CACIF.