Vincenzo Chianese
Austin, United States


TECH: Architecture, GROWTH: Fundraising, TECH: Development


Hey there! My name is Vincenzo; I am a Software Developer living in Austin (Texas) focused on WebAPIs and User Interfaces. Over the last 6 years, I've been mostly working for SAAS companies providing tools for API Developers, contributing heavily on the engineering side as well as managing small teams. Currently, I'm working as an Engineering Team Leader at Stoplight — an Austin based company providing a design stack for API Developers. Nowadays most of the code I write is TypeScript, but in general I am always eager to learn new programming languages. I have a decent proficiency in Clojure and Haskell. I hold a BA in Computer Engineering (not too sure how useful this information is), and I have been speaking to a number of events around the world (the complete list is at I have been awarded as Auth0 Ambassador, Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies as well as Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies. I've also got a very long ongoing collaboration with the API Days Team ( I've started by speaking at their conferences, I ended up being in the committee that reviews the CFP and organising an entire event in Barcelona in September 2019. My mid-long term interests include collaborative editing, publishing, managing teams.