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Tosin Durotoye
Lagos, Nigeria


PRODUCT: Management, PRODUCT: Development, GROWTH: Partnerships


Tosin Durotoye is the CEO/Principal Consultant of Conselia Advisory Practice - a boutique consulting firm with projects based both in West Africa and the United States. Currently, her biggest client is Microsoft where she serves as the lead consultant for the 4Afrika initiative (West Africa). In this role, she develops, manages and oversees all partnership strategies related to investing in promising startups in the West African tech ecosystem. In addition to this, she also works closely with impact driven startups to develop and refine their business models and products. Two of her partnership projects can be found at https://www.microsoft.com/africa/4afrika/slum2school.aspx and https://www.microsoft.com/africa/4afrika/Oncopadi.aspx. Prior to this, she served as the Chief Operating Officer for Filmo Real Estate – a 25-year-old real estate company. In this role, she led the digital transformation within the organization and succeeded in launching a subsidiary company focused on developing B2B solutions for the city management and real estate industries. In 2018, Tosin led the establishment of GreenHouse Lab – the first female-focused tech accelerator program in Nigeria and the first “Powered by Google” accelerator program in Africa. Prior to her work with GreenHouse Lab, Tosin served as the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Framework, an edutech company focused on leveraging technology to educate and empower homebuyers in the U.S. Tosin received a Masters in City Planning from New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service. She’s a Princeton AlumniCorps Emerging Leader, Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leader, Leading Ladies Africa “Nigeria’s 100 Most Inspiring Women” and Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD). She’s passionate about social issues and gender and racial equity and loves to expand her mind through travel (she’s visited 52 countries so far with more to come).