Samantha Surrey
NEW YORK, United States


GROWTH: Fundraising, GROWTH: Business Development, GROWTH: Partnerships


Samantha is a life science investor, entrepreneur and scientist with a distinguished track record. Samantha is passionate about advancing the fields of science and engineering that will define the medicine of tomorrow. She is the founder of Surrey Capital Partners, a life science impact innovation fund focused on the life sciences industry, with exclusive access to a pipeline of Biotech and Healthcare companies with early to mid-stage technologies and life-changing devices. Over the last decade, Samantha has been the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Decision Medical Ventures, a New York and California-based life sciences investment firm focused on bringing to markets advanced medical ultrasound technologies for the early, non- invasive detection of cancer and other serious medical conditions. Samantha serves on the Boards of Directors of Decision Sciences Medical Company and OSES (Outlook Surgical Endoscopy System). She also serves on the advisory boards of Endeavor Healthcare, AZ Therapies, a late-stage Alzheimer’s company and AiM Medical Robotics as well as the Board of Advisors for University Of Pennsylvania School for Engineering, Cornell University Center for Entrepreneurship, and also extensively advises numerous other start-ups. She graduated summa cum laude with an M.S. Eng. in biomedical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, with a joint published thesis from the Library of Congress in robotic surgery with the Engineering School at Oxford University. Samantha holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Cornell University. She has a published paper that was presented at the Engineering and Medicine Conference in France with the JPL and NASA, as well a published thesis on Artificial Muscles and the Applications to Robotic Surgery. Samantha holds numerous publications as well as a patent in 3-D protein modeling in genomics. She graduated from the Owner’s President Management Program at Harvard Business School 2019.