Peter Cauton
Metro Manila, Philippines


PEOPLE: Management, GROWTH: Sales, PEOPLE: Operations


After spending a decade growing up the ranks in Human Resources, Peter took the leap and founded several scaling startups in the Future of Work (FoW) space. Peter currently runs a venture studio which houses several profitable FoW startups in the areas of digital learning, recruitment, and productivity. Peter believes in tweaking the standard Silicon-valley model of raising a large amount of capital (sacrificing equity) as soon as you can, but instead focuses on working with founders on ideas which can show early profitability, sound unit economics, and sustainability. Peter's most pressing responsibility now is helping founders with sales and growth, as well as identifying and working with newer founders in the People/FoW/HR space. Peter is an Endeavor entrepreneur and spends a lot of time mentoring founder and startups. He can offer a lot of insight especially with B2B startups, in particular in the HR/people space, sales and growth hacking, founder dynamics, founder psychology, people operations, bootstrapping, and serial entrepreneurship. Aside from his work with startups, Peter's other claim to fame is having seven kids with his wife Pauline. He is a (currently miserable) Lakers fan, and is always in search of the best burger.