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Fernando Rivera
Quito, Ecuador


TECH: Development, PRODUCT: Development, PEOPLE: Management


Fernando is Managing Partner at BuenTrip Ventures, a seed stage fund based in Quito. Fernando brings a technology and operational background, having co-founded ETF.com as the CTO. The company was acquired in 2016 by Cboe Global Markets, a global securities exchange. Fernando co-founded BuenTrip Hub, a Quito-based startup incubator, where he mentored and invested in companies like Nuvocargo, Shippify, and Kriptos. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 1999, when he founded StarNetSys, a Quito based Web development firm. The company merged with ETF.com in 2008. He graduated from Pomona College with a major in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and has post-graduate studies in Politics and Sociology from the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO). He’s a proud father and husband and is driven by having an impact in Latin America’s knowledge-based economy.