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Christian Adi
Jakarta, Indonesia


PRODUCT: Development, PRODUCT: Management, PEOPLE: Leadership


As VP for Transport & Insurance of Traveloka, Chris is responsible for building products with delightful user experience and reliable system within Traveloka Transport product portfolio, including Flight, Train, Bus & Shuttle, Cars, and Ancillaries. Since 2021, He is also responsible to lead Traveloka Insurance Business, strengthening Traveloka value proposition to users with innovative products. Prior to Traveloka, He was a business development manager in PT. Lautan Luas Tbk, worked with its manufacturing subsidiaries to improve and expand their production. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung, and an MBA degree from National University of Singapore. He maintains my physical strength and mental health by doing sports such as swimming and wall climbing, and reading books, with economy, history, and business management as the topics of interest.