Meet the startups

The second cohort of the Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change brings together a diverse set of climate-focused startups from the US and Canada. Collectively, these 11 selected companies are leveraging technology to solve the complex challenges of climate change.

Cupertino, CA, USA

AmpUp is an electric vehicle (EV) software company and network provider that enables drivers, hosts, and fleets to charge stress-free.

Boca Raton, FL, USA

Carbon Limit transforms concrete into a CO2 sponge with green cement nanotechnology, turning roads and buildings into permanent CO2 solutions.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

ChargeNet Stations aims to make charging accessible and convenient in all communities, preventing greenhouse gas emissions through use of PV + storage.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

ChargerHelp! enables on-demand repair of electric vehicle charging stations, while building out local workforces, removing barriers and enabling economic mobility within all communities.

Boulder, CO, USA

CO-Z accelerates electricity decarbonization and empowers renters, homeowners and businesses with advanced control, automated savings, and power failure protection.

Portland, OR, USA

Community Energy Labs uses artificial intelligence to make smart energy management and decarbonization both accessible and affordable for community building owners.

Vancouver, BC, CA

Moment Energy provides affordable, performance, and reliable energy storage by repurposing retired electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

City of Industry, CA, USA

Mi Terro is a synthetic biology and advanced material company that creates home compostable, plastic-alternative biomaterials made from plant-based agricultural waste.

Washington, DC, USA

Nithio is an AI-driven platform for clean energy investment, standardizing credit risk to catalyze capital to address climate change and achieve universal energy access.

New York, NY, USA

Re Company is a reusable packaging subscription service, supplying reuse systems with optimally designed containers and cycling them back into the supply chain at end of life.

Pacific Grove, CA, USA

Understory rapidly monitors and quantifies discrete landscape changes to mitigate the effects of environmental change and deliver actionable information for land management, habitat conservation, and climate risk assessment.