Media Session Validator

Media Session Validator is a tool that provides an easy and automated way to verify your Android TV application integration with Media Session. This also verifies the prerequisites of supporting Cast Connect in your Android TV application.

Downloading and Installing APK

Enable Android Debug Bridge (adb) debugging on your Android TV device, connect to the device, and install the APK.

Last updated: June 21, 2021

Download the Media Session Validator APK


  1. Enable Notification Access permission for Media Session Validator.

    Go to: Settings > Apps > Special app access > Notification access > Media Session Validator

  2. Open the Media Session Validator and select Start Validation:

  3. Return to the Android TV home screen and open a media app.

  4. Select any media content from the app and start playback.

  5. The validator should start testing and execute media commands automatically:

  6. After the validator finishes testing, go back to the Media Session Validator app to check the results.

  7. Select Check Validation Results and select an app to open the result screen:

  8. The result screen displays a list of test cases with descriptions:

  9. If you see any fail or warning test cases, review the description and fix any issues in your app, then run the validation again.

  10. To review or share the test results, you can also download the validation report via ADB: