A toast is a short, informational message that an app displays briefly near the bottom of the screen.

Only one toast can be displayed at a time. The toast tells a user about an action the app has taken or will take. It does not require any user action or response. After 8 seconds, the toast disappears automatically.

Toasts are related to dialogs (and are in the Dialog family of components), but they differ in purpose and priority, as shown below.

Component Purpose Priority
Toast Displays an informative message. Doesn’t require user interaction. Disappears after 8 seconds. Low
Dialog Displays information and task options that require user interaction. A dialog retains focus until a user responds. High


A toast appears briefly in front of other screen content. It consists of a background and a text message.

Image of Toast component with numbered callouts to background and message area
1. Toast background
2. Toast message area


Toast – padding around message text

Toast – bottom placement on screen


OEMs can modify the appearance of toasts to reflect their brand by:

  • Providing custom fonts
  • Changing toast dimensions and placement

Design system provides guidance for customizing components using layout, typography, and sizing.


Toast message format

Toast placement (near bottom of the screen)