Smart displays

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Smart Displays bring visual-forward devices into users' home environments. Be a part of your users' daily routine, by creating an Action that helps with in-home productivity or entertainment, accompanied by rich visuals.

Build rich responses for Smart Displays

Actions on Google provides rich responses that are optimized for Smart Displays. You can build visual interactions for your Actions using components such as:

In addition, you can also create custom themes to more deeply customize your Action’s look and feel.


Even if the device has a display, remember that the primary modality for users is voice-first. Make sure to design your rich responses specifically to support voice invocation.

To detect the availability of a screen and the input modality on a Smart Display, you can use the following code:

  • Has screen: if (conv.screen)
  • Uses voice modality: if (conv.input.type === 'VOICE')
  • Uses touch modality: if (conv.input.type === 'TOUCH')
  • Uses keyboard modality: if (conv.input.type === 'KEYBOARD')

Tips & best practices

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