Introduction to the Google Assistant Library

The Google Assistant Library for Python is a turnkey solution for anyone who wants to quickly integrate the Assistant into a prototype device. The library is written in Python and is supported on popular prototyping devices such as the Raspberry Pi 3.

Get started

Once you have your hardware, read on to learn how to get the Google Assistant running on it!

Embed the Google Assistant

This section gets the Google Assistant Library working on your device:

  1. Set Up Hardware and Network Access
  2. Configure and Test the Audio
  3. Configure a Developer Project and Account Settings
  4. Register the Device Model
  5. Install the SDK and Sample Code
  6. Run the Sample Code
  7. Next Steps

Extend the Google Assistant

This section extends the Google Assistant Library to include Device Actions:

  1. Install Device Hardware
  2. Register Traits for the Device
  3. Handle Commands on the Device
  4. Add More Traits and Handlers
  5. Register Custom Device Actions