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Google Apps Script Templates

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Take Google Apps Script for a spin!

We've created public templates so you can try out some of the common tasks and processes that can easily be simplified and automated by Google Apps Script.

To try out a template, click the title link to create your own copy of the spreadsheet containing the script. Then follow the steps indicated on the first tab of the spreadsheet to customize the script for your own use.

  • Send customized driving directions in a mail merge: This template lets you send out custom driving directions and a map from Google Maps. For example, you can send a personalized email to each person invited to your event, with a custom greeting for their name and a map with driving directions from their house to the event location.

  • Get an email with the day's agenda: This template will run a daily script to check your appointments on Google Calendar then send you an email with the day's agenda at the time of your choice.

  • Run a course registration system: Students can fill out a form to indicate which session they want to attend. Based on other submissions, the script can figure out which sessions are still open and send an automatic thank you reply.

  • Play Sudoku: Generate new Sudoku puzzles inside a spreadsheet, and reveal all or part of the solution when you get frustrated.

  • Play Hangman: This template contains a playable version of hangman. See if you can outguess a spreadsheet.

  • Generate Fractals: Dive deep into a Mandelbrot set from the comfort of your own browser.

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