Apps Script samples overview

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This section provides Apps Script quickstarts, solutions, and codelabs. Following is a definition of each type of sample.

Prefer to learn through video?
The Google Workspace Developers channel offers videos about tips, tricks, and the latest features.

Quickstart samples offer quick, proof-of-concept code samples to get you working with Apps Script in under five minutes. Quickstarts are available for most Apps Script project types.

Find quickstarts organized by project type at the left under Samples by project type or try this simple automation that creates a Google Doc and emails you a link to it.


Solution samples are fully functional Apps Script projects. Solutions address realistic business problems and showcase how you can automate workflows across Google Workspace. Often, you can implement solutions without needing to edit or update the code.

Find solutions organized by project type at the left under Samples by project type or try this popular mail merge solution.


Codelabs are hands-on, step-by-step technical tutorials. They combine explanation, working best-practice sample code, and code exercises. Codelabs are available for most Google developer products and are published on the Codelab catalogue.

Find Apps Script-specific codelabs at the left under Codelabs.

You can also find Apps Script samples on GitHub. You can fork these repositories and use the code as a reference for your own projects.