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ScriptDB Service


This service provides access to a simple database unique to each script. See also the guide to ScriptDb.


NameBrief description
MutationResultA representation of the result for a single item in a batch mutation operation.
QueryOperatorA special object that can be used as a value in the query objects accepted by ScriptDbInstance.query(query) and ScriptDbInstance.count(query).
ScriptDbThe ScriptDB service, which provides access to ScriptDbInstances.
ScriptDbInstanceA JavaScript object database for permanently storing data.
ScriptDbMapAn item that was saved to or retrieved from the database.
ScriptDbResultAn object that provides iterator-like access to the results of a database query.
SortDirectionWhen ordering results, specifies which direction they should be ordered.
SortStrategyWhen ordering results, should we sort lexically, or when sorting numbers, sort them as if they were numbers (since lexical sorting doesn't do what you want).

Class MutationResult

Class QueryOperator

Class ScriptDb

Class ScriptDbInstance

Class ScriptDbMap

Class ScriptDbResult

Class SortDirection

Class SortStrategy