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April 24, 2014

  • In the new version of Google Sheets, the Undo command can now revert changes made by a script. This was already true in Docs, Forms, and the older version of Sheets.
  • The following fixes were applied:
    • Issue 3891: In the new version of Sheets, custom functions now recalculate correctly if more than 100 cells are passed as an argument.
    • Issue 3859: In the new version of Sheets, setting data-validation criteria for a cell that already contains a value no longer corrupts the spreadsheet.
    • Issue 3773: In the new version of Sheets, the Browser methods inputBox and msgBox now treat newline characters (\n) the same way that the older version of Sheets did. Specifically, \n produces a space, but \\n (double-escaped) produces a line break.
    • Issue 2335: The fact that the ID of a GmailThread varies based on the messages it contains is now documented.
    • Issue 2288: The fact that a Google Site or page of a site cannot have more than 500 child pages is now documented.
    • Issue 1427: The fact that the method getAs replaces the part of a filename that follows the last period with the new file type's extension is now documented.
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