Android Ready SE

The Android Ready SE Alliance is a collaboration between Google and Secure Element (SE) vendors. The alliance was created to make discrete tamper resistant hardware backed security the lowest common denominator for the Android ecosystem. Under this alliance, Google and the SE Vendors offer a growing list of tested open-source implementations of hardware backed security applets for new and emerging use cases such as:

Hardware backed attestation for
premium apps

Secure provisioning of
Android keys

Digital keys for cars and
other automobiles

Digital keys for homes

Mobile Driving License

National IDs

Digital wallet and other

e-money solutions

Members of the Ready SE Alliance are active contributors in both FiRa and Car Connectivity Consortiums.

We are focusing on driving the Secure Element adoptions in emerging use cases.

OEMs that adopt Android Ready SE can produce devices that are highly secure and allow for remote updates to enable compelling new cases as they are introduced into the Android platform. Consumers will benefit from their devices being more secure and updatable with new capabilities.

A major goal of this alliance is to enable a consistent, interoperable, and demonstrably secure set of applets across the Android ecosystem. Validated implementations of Android Ready SE applets build even stronger trust in the Android Platform. OEMs that adopt Android Ready SE can produce devices that are more secure and allow for remote updates to enable compelling new use cases as they are introduced into the Android platform.

All of our SE partners work with us to enable these hardware and software solutions for mobile devices and the mobile ecosystem. They are committed to supporting all the current and emerging use cases and to providing updated applets as they become available. The implementations are validated through Android compliance and test programs to ensure quality and compliance.

For more information about implementation or how to get involved, contact your technical account manager.

“G+D’s participation in the Android Ready SE program is a natural extension of the work we’ve done with Google to evolve the embedded secure element market ensuring security is built in throughout the value chain.” commented Simon Wakely, Senior Vice President, Giesecke+Devrient.

"Goodix has been working with top mobile and wearable OEMs with its rich product portfolios for more than 10 years. Becoming a member of the Android Ready SE Alliance will strengthen our cooperation with Google. With Goodix’s world class secure element and operating system, OEMs will benefit from a more secure and easier system level secure solution.” Carson Ye, SVP, Security BU, Goodix

“We are pleased to make our secure eSIM OS, iSIM OS, and secure personalization services available to all Android SE Alliance partners.” Vincent Korstanje, CEO at Kigen.

“Implementing NXP’s silicon-based security solutions into Android StrongBox creates a highly protected, self-contained environment for staging and executing various types of services and authentication tasks.” says Charles Dachs, GM and VP of Secure Embedded Transactions, NXP Semiconductors.

“Samsung has a long and proven history in security solutions such as smart card ICs, IoT processors and other semiconductor products that require robust security. Our SE solution for Android devices will not only keep user data safer on the go but also enable new mobile applications that will broaden and enrich our everyday lives.” said Kenny Han, vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics.

”The tamper-resistant Secure Element is becoming an ubiquitous secure solution in Android phones to ensure the highest level of protection required by use cases such as Digital Payment, Digital Keys, Mobile Identification, and Access Control,” said David Richetto, Technical Director, Secure Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics

“Leveraging Thales' long-lasting expertise in embedded system security, we're excited to help broaden the adoption of tamper-resistant secure elements as roots of trust in the Android ecosystem.” says Benoit Jouffrey, Thales DIS CTO.

"TMC is the world's leading supplier of security chips and solutions with a history of more than 20 years. Our business covers a wide variety of fields such as Payment, Identity Authentication, Device Authentication, Mobile Security, Automotive Security, and Security MCU. With the rapid growth in demand for Android cellular connections, security has become more important than before. The high-security SE solution meets information security requirements in various fields." John Zou, Executive VP, TMC

"Unisoc aspires to deliver secure solutions to the Android ecosystem. With the rapid development of mobile, the tamper-resistant secure element is becoming an indispensable requirement in Android devices." said Xiaofei Xia, Marketing SVP, Unisoc.

“We are honored to join the Android Ready SE program, reflecting Valid’s core strategy and our embedded software security solutions offering. Valid aims to support the emerging use cases such as Digital Keys, Mobile ID, and other upcoming secure applications related to payments.” said Mikaël DUBREUCQ, Director of Global Strategic Marketing & Partnerships at Valid.

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