Permissible Usage

The intended audience of the Android Management API are commercial Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) developers. These are organizations that build device management solutions and offer their solutions to their end customers through commercial sales to entities outside of their immediate company or parent entity, and who support these end customers directly.

Non-Permissible Usage

The following management scenarios are not allowed:

  • Device financing solutions (e.g solutions intended to control device usage used in conjunction with hardware lease arrangements);
  • Solutions developed exclusively for the purpose of device monitoring or eavesdropping independent of enterprise device management;
  • Alteration of a commercially available Android Device to subsequently sell, resell or lease such altered device;
  • Push, preload or auto install applications and/or services on Android Devices without the express and informed prior consent of relevant customers and their end users; and
  • Solutions developed and used exclusively for first party in-house applications.

Google reserves the right to revoke a developer's access to the Android Management API or limit access to certain features if a developer fails to comply with these usage requirements.

To inquire about potential usage of the Android Management API outside of the stated guidelines above, you can complete and submit this form.


The Android Management API enforces the following quotas:

  • Default quota of 500 registered devices for each project.

  • Default quota of 1000 queries per 100 seconds for each project. For example, if you make 1000 requests in 1 second, you won't be able to make any more requests for the next 99 seconds

You can request to increase your quota in this form.