Configure networks

You can use policy to configure Wi-Fi networks on a device. The Android Management API uses Open Network Configuration, a standard JSON-based format which was originally developed as part of the Chromium project. Refer to the specification for full details on Open Network Configuration.

To include an Open Network Configuration in a policy, set the openNetworkConfiguration field on a Policy resource.

Supported features

The Android Management API only supports a subset of the Open Network Configuration specification.

  • Top-level object:
    • Type must be omitted or set to UnencryptedConfiguration. There is no need to encrypt the network configuration within a policy because the entire policy is encrypted within the Android Management API service. Additionally, there is a second layer of encryption for sensitive information such as passphrases and private keys.
  • NetworkConfiguration objects:
    • GUID, Name, Type, and WiFi are the only supported fields, and are all required.
    • Type must be set to WiFi. Other types of networks are not supported.
  • WiFi objects:
    • AllowGatewayARPPolling is not supported.
    • SignalStrength is not supported.
    • For WEP-PSK passphrases, only 40-bit (10-digit) or 104-bit (26-digit) passphrases are supported.
    • The specification states that WEP-PSK passphrases must start with the prefix 0x. However, for consistency with the Android Framework, this prefix is not required.
  • EAP objects:
    • ClientCertPattern is not supported.
    • SaveCredentials is not supported.
    • UseSystemCAs is not supported.
    • The Pattern value for ClientCertType is not supported.
    • The MD5 and EAP-MSCHAPv2 values for Inner are not supported.
    • The LEAP and EAP-FAST values for Outer are not supported.
  • Certificate objects:
    • Remove is not supported. Omit the certificate in the configuration instead.
    • TrustBits is not supported.


This example shows a policy fragment which configures three Wi-Fi networks with different security schemes. The Open Network Configuration JSON is nested within the openNetworkConfiguration field of the Policy JSON.

"openNetworkConfiguration": {
  "NetworkConfigurations": [{
    "GUID": "a",
    "Name": "Example A",
    "Type": "WiFi",
    "WiFi": {
      "SSID": "Example A",
      "Security": "None",
      "AutoConnect": true
  }, {
    "GUID": "b",
    "Name": "Example B",
    "Type": "WiFi",
    "WiFi": {
      "SSID": "Example B",
      "Security": "WEP-PSK",
      "Passphrase": "1234567890"
  }, {
    "GUID": "c",
    "Name": "Example C",
    "Type": "WiFi",
    "WiFi": {
      "SSID": "Example C",
      "Security": "WPA-PSK",
      "Passphrase": "baseball"

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