Google Analytics developer introduction

What is the Google Analytics platform?

The set of tools and resources available for developers to extend the functionality of Google Analytics:

  1. Collect more relevant data
    Copying and pasting only gets you so far. Customize the data you collect with Google Analytics to gain deeper insight about user behavior.

  2. Automate Reporting
    Navigating and building reports takes time. Automate these repetitive tasks to save time.

  3. Organize data around your business
    Your business is organized one way, and Google Analytics in another way . Align both sets of data to get the views you need.

What is the Google Analytics Technology Partner program?

Your guide to successfully leverage the Google Analytics platform:

  1. Engage with Google
    Navigating your way through Google should be easy. The program is the most effective path to access the people and resources you need to meet your objectives when developing with Google Analytics.

  2. Reach a massive audience
    How do you reach millions of users? Google Analytics is used by individuals, small businesses, and large corporations to track millions of websites. The program provides opportunities for you to reach this audience and make a big impact!

  3. Best practices
    Building a solution is one thing, making sure it reaches its full potential is another. The program helps you get the most out of the Google Analytics Platform.

Get Started

  1. Dev Guides & Reference
    What APIs are available? Which ones to use? How to use them?
  2. Resources
    Solve common use cases. Guides describing the platform. Tools and code to get you started.
  3. Community & Updates
    Get product updates. Get answers through our developer groups. Improve the product with your feedback.
  4. Technology Partner Program
    Publish your solution. Reach a massive audience. Gain access to promotional resources.