Analytics Social Data Hub

The social data hub is a free platform that social networks and other social platforms can use to integrate their activity streams— like +1, votes, and comments—with Google Analytics.

  • Enable your social network to be visible to marketers, publishers and analysts using Google Analytics
  • Promote a broad, comprehensive and inclusive picture of the global social media landscape
  • Advance accessible measurement of all social media platforms and activities

Who is Eligible to Integrate?

To integrate your social network with Analytics, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You operate a Social Network/Platform
  • You own the social data and/or are legally able to share it with Google.

Who is Using the Social Data Hub?

The list of partners integrated with the social data hub includes:

AllVoices Google Groups Reddit
Delicious Google+ SodaHead
Diigo Hatena VKontakte
Disqus Meetup Yaplog
Echo Pocket