Get Started

There are several options for how to start using the Reseller API.

The one-minute experience: APIs Explorer

To play around and see what the API can do, without writing any code, visit the APIs Explorer. Instant gratification!


For a more detailed step-by-step tutorial explaining how to get up and running, follow the instructions in the Reseller API Codelab.

Learn the basics and common API tasks

To understand the basics and start building your application, see the:

  • Prerequisites: Lists where to go to get an account, join Google Cloud Connect, learn about the product, and create a project in the Google APIs Console.
  • Install a client library: Download a client library for your programming language, and import the classes you need.
  • Set up your application authorization: Set up your client's authorization using the OAuth 2.0 protocol.
  • Understand the API concepts: When working with the API, it is important to understand the conceptual relationships of resellers to customers, payment plans, product SKUs, and licenses.
  • Use the developer guides: Use these guides to understand how to pull all of this together and to manage your client's requests and API service responses.


To look up a particular resource type or method see the reference.

Common errors

Getting errors from the APIs? Don't worry, the following lists contain the most common errors, with troubleshooting steps and solutions:

API Resources

For more information see the API issue tracker. the API Experts' blog, Apps administrators' help center

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G Suite Reseller API
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