As a prerequisite to using the Directory API, the documentation assumes that you have completed these setup steps:

  1. Complete the steps to get started Developing on Google Workspace.
  2. If you're a Google reseller, complete the enrollment process for the Google Workspace reseller program. All of the operations for the Directory API support delegated administrators and Google authorized resellers. However, the Chrome and mobile device operations don't support remote administrative access for Google authorized resellers.
  3. If you're working with Chrome device, complete these steps before using the Directory API:
    • Set up the Google Chrome service.
    • Enable the ChromeOS service for your account.
    • Set up each Chrome device. If the Chrome device was purchased directly from Google or if you have purchased ChromeOS management access functionality separately, you can set up additional device and user policies. If you have questions, start with troubleshooting.
  4. If you're working with mobile devices, complete these steps before using the Directory API: