Transfer data

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To use the Data Transfer API, you define a transfer and then initiate it using the insert method. The transfer is defined in terms of one or more applications whose data will be transferred, and can include application-specific parameters.

The following is a high-level summary of the transfer process:

  1. Determine the applications for which you want to transfer data.
  2. Define a DataTransfer resource that specifies the source and destination users and the applications for which to transfer data.
  3. Initiate the transfer by using the insert() method.

For example, the following JSON request body transfers a calendar from the source user (SOURCE_USER_ID) to the destination user (DESTINATION_USER_ID). You can retrieve the user IDs for each owner by calling the user.get() method of the Directory API and providing their email address or email alias.

  "oldOwnerUserId": "SOURCE_USER_ID",
  "newOwnerUserId": "DESTINATION_USER_ID",
  "applicationDataTransfers": [
      "applicationId": "435070579839",
      "applicationTransferParams": [
          "key": "RELEASE_RESOURCES",
          "value": [

The Data Transfer API includes additional methods and resources to help you construct and administer transfers, allowing you to do things like the following:

  • List applications available for data transfer.
  • Get application information by application ID.
  • List transfers by source user, destination user, or status.
  • Get a transfer request by resource ID.