Use channels for advanced reporting

Within AdSense you can track your games revenue by using the Requested format breakdown which will allow you to see metrics split out by Interstitial and Rewarded. However, it is often necessary to track monetization performance in more detail–such as tracking revenue for each game, or for each distribution partner.

One way to do this is to associate a channel with your game using the data-ad-channel parameter to the AdSense tag:

<script async
   window.adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || [];
   var adBreak = adConfig = function(o) {adsbygoogle.push(o);}

For example, you host all of your games for a particular distribution partner at a specific URL. You can create a new channel and pass its ID in the tag hosted at that page. This would let you track all of the revenue generated from partners linking to that URL and all of the revenue from that distribution partnership.

By default you can create upto 2000 channels within AdSense, if necessary this limit can be increased by getting in touch with your Google Account Manager.