Transactions let you build Actions that handle purchases (for example, pick-up, delivery, or tickets). Building a transactional Action lets you create conversational ordering experiences that feel more natural than websites and mobile apps.

Here's an example ordering experience with a shoe store Action:

Pick a transaction type

You can implement different types of transactions in your Actions. Review your options below to pick the guide that's right for you.

  • Physical transactions with Google Pay - Users can set up payment methods in their Google Assistant settings to purchase products during interactions with the Assistant and your Action. If you have an account with a participating payment gateway, you can request payment via Google Pay, and we will send you a chargeable payment token for use with your payment processor.

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  • Physical transactions with a custom payment gateway - If you have your own web or mobile store that uses OAuth 2.0 for sign-in, you can allow users to use a payment method they've saved on your site. By implementing Account Linking, you can fulfill the actions.intent.SIGN_IN intent to have the user log in to your store and call your own API to charge their payment method.

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