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YouTube Data API (v3)

The YouTube Data API (v3) lets you incorporate YouTube functionality into your own application. You can use the API to fetch search results and to retrieve, insert, update, and delete resources like videos or playlists.

In conjunction with the YouTube Player APIs and the YouTube Analytics API, the API lets your application provide a full-fledged YouTube experience that includes search and discovery, content creation, video playback, account management, and viewer statistics.

Getting started


  1. Register your application with Google so that it can submit API requests.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the core concepts of the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data format. For more information, see

Building your application

  1. Read the Getting Started with the YouTube Data API guide, which explains basic YouTube concepts and provides an overview of supported API operations.
  2. Select a client library to simplify your API implementation.
  3. If your application will use any API methods that require user authorization, read the authentication guide to learn how to implement OAuth 2.0 authorization.
  4. Check the API reference guide for definitions of the resources that the API interacts with, the specific properties that each resource contains, and the methods that the API supports for each resource.